It is the highest governing body of Casa Mediterráneo, and all the institutions belonging to the Public Consortium. The governing council meets every six months to ensure the good functioning of the institution.



Mr. José Manuel Albares Bueno

Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation


Mr. Ximo Puig Ferrer

President of the Valencian Community

Members representing MAUEC and AECID

Secretary of State for España Global

Mr. Alberto Ucelay Urech

Director General for the Magreb, the Mediterranean and the Near East

Ms. Cristina Díaz Fernández-Gil

AECID Director of Cooperation with Africa and Asia

Mr. Luis Óscar Moreno García-Cano

Director General of Economic Diplomacy

Member representing the Valencian Community

Mr. Joan Calabuig Rull

Autonomic Secretary for the European Union and Foreign Relations, on behalf of Mr. Ximo Puig Ferrer, President of the Valencian Community

Member representing the Alicante City Council

Mr. Antonio Joaquín Manresa Balboa

Town Councillor for Culture, on behalf of Mr. Luis Barcala Sierra, Mayor of Alicante

Member representing the Benidorm City Council

Mr. Antonio Pérez Pérez

Mayor of Benidorm

Member representing the Alicante Provincial Council

Mr. Carlos Mazón Guixot

President of the Alicante County Council


The Director General is appointed by the Governing Council, proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, among very renowned professionals in the Mediterranean area for a three-year renewable period. His main task is to manage and monitor all the activities of the Public Consortium.